Allocation of Demand to Nodes by Sectors and from Consumption Points

The allocation of demands to the nodes of a network cannot be done individually when there are a large number of nodes. It is also not practical to assign them as a group, since each node usually has a different demand depending on the population served.

QGISRed provides two very powerful tools to massively allocate demand to nodes, based on the consumption reported by the sectors or on the service points determined, for example, by the GPS coordinates of the meters.

For this purpose, it relies on its own spatial analysis tools that allow us to identify the nodes that fall within each demand sector or the node closest to each service point. In addition, we can select the nodes that are eligible to receive demand based on the diameter of the pipes and, in the case of allocating the demand by sectors, distribute the consumption proportionally to the length of the pipes. What time savings! Moreover, you can regret it, delete all current demands and try again.

If you want to know all the possibilities of these two new tools and how they work, be sure to visit the tutorial …

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